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Meeting Room

The Library has a meeting room and kitchenette available to the public. For information, please call the library at (724) 446-9940 or email us.

Facilities Use Policy
meeting2The Sewickley Township Library facilities may be used by groups for the purpose of meetings of a civic, cultural or educational nature.

  • All requests to use the Library facilities for meetings must be made in writing to the Sewickley Township Library Board at least 30 days in advance, specifying the name of the group, date, time and purpose of the meetings, and the name and phone number of the designated contact person.
  • The key to the Library must be signed out from and returned to the librarian by the designated contact person within 24 hours of the meeting date.
  • The Library facilities are to be left clean and with furniture arranged as prior to the meeting. Any damage caused by participants in the meeting, or their children, must be repaired and/or paid for by the group using the facility.
  • No smoking is permitted in any part of the Library. This is a state regulation which is upheld by the Recreation Board and Library Board policies.
  • No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or firearms are permitted in the library.
  • For your safety, keep the outside door closed and locked so no unauthorized persons enter the Library during the meeting.
  • No one is to enter the Library office or the Recreation Building through the hall doorways. Keep those doors closed and locked.
  • Supplies such as paper towels, garbage bags, etc. are to be provided by the group.
  • Make sure the toilet is flushed before leaving.
  • Make sure the doors are closed and locked and all lights are out when leaving.
  • The Library phone is to be used only in case of a serious emergency requiring police or medical assistance.
  • The rental fee for the Community Room is $10/hour for non-profits and $25/hour for for-profit organizations.
Revised February 1, 2019
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