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2021 Summer Reading Program

What is Beanstack?
Beanstack is an online software program that we are using this year to facilitate our 2021 Summer Reading Program “Tails and Tales”. Consider Beanstack your one-stop-shop for logging reading and activities and earning everyone’s favorite…raffle tickets!!

How do you register?

  • Visit our library’s Beanstack “Landing Page” at
  • If you have used Beanstack in the past, you will use the same login for this year’s program
  • If this is your first time using Beanstack, first click on “Register an Individual or Family”
  • If you are a child registering yourself, click on “I am registering myself”
  • If you are a parent registering a child, click on “I am an adult registering a child”
    o When you register this way, you will have one account per family, with all children linked under the same log in
    o If children want to do their own logging, you can have them create their own separate account
    o Fill out Adult information, then add Reader’s information for each child

Navigating the Beanstack Site

  • Once all readers are registered, you will see that different readers can be accessed from the dropdown box on the top right corner of your account
  • Be sure that you have the correct reader account open when you log reading and activities!
  • There are two types of Badges:
    o Logging Badges (where you log hours read)
    o Activity Badges (where you log which activities you participate in)

Logging Badges:

  • To record hours read, click on the first Logging Badge, “Read 1h”, click Log, then enter how many minutes or hours your child has read on any given day
  • You may add to this as often as needed. For example, if he or she reads 20 minutes in the morning, and then 20 minutes in the afternoon, you may log once in the morning and once in the afternoon, or just once in the evening, for a total of 40 minutes.
  • Each hour read = 1 Badge = 5 raffle tickets!


  • When a badge is completed, 5 raffle tickets are earned
  • You may either click on “Enter a Drawing” to redeem tickets now, or exit out to save them for later
  • If you’d like to redeem the tickets now, click on “Enter a Drawing” and you will be directed to our list of prizes
  • From this page, you may place earned raffle tickets into any of the prize drawings
  • You may also move tickets around from prize to prize at any time

Activity Badges:

  • We have many activities scheduled throughout the summer including weekly Family Nights, Take & Make Projects, a Pet Show in Pictures drawing contest, Scavenger Hunts & more!
  • Some activities, like the Scavenger Hunts, may be completed at any time.
  • Other activities happen on a scheduled day and time, but you have until the end of the Summer Reading Program (July 29th) to earn your badge
  • Badges for activities with a scheduled date are not activated until the day of the event

Beanstack App:

  • Using Beanstack on your phone or tablet? You can download the free Beanstack App! Be sure to choose Sewickley TOWNSHIP Public Library from the search page (not the Sewickley Public Library in Allegheny County!)

We are very excited to offer the Beanstack program this summer!

Please let us know if you have ANY problems navigating our Beanstack platform. Our overall goal, as always, is for the kids to have FUN this summer!

Questions or comments? Stop in and see us, email or call 724.446.9940.

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